Press Release

Mozaic Gives Talk at ALDA Event
During Pittcon

March 10, 2016
Mike Lee, Founder, delivers a keynote address “Strategic Trends and Developments in the Pharmaceutical/Biopharmaceutical Industry: Emerging Product Needs and Challenges” at the ALDA Breakfast event for senior executives at Pittcon 2016 in Atlanta, GA.

Mozaic Solutions, LLC Announces
The Issuing of Patent on Segmented Flow

May 8, 2013
Mozaic Solutions, LLC announces the issuing of United States Patent of Patent Number 8,431,888, which broadly covers methods of segmented flow for use with chemical analysis by mass spectrometry. Segmented flow technology is the core foundation of Mozaic Solutions’s programs dedicated to simplifying, miniaturizing and making more accurate clinical assays.

Mike Lee, Founder, commented, “The new patent lays the foundation for a suite of techniques to transform sample delivery and put the accuracy and robustness of a mass spectrometer into the hands of doctors and patients. Our ultimate goal is to personalize diagnosis and treatment, thereby lowering costs and increasing quality of life.”

About Mozaic Solutions
Mozaic Solutions is a life sciences company partnering with leading academic and industry researchers to bring to market technology to reduce the time to diagnosis and assist healthcare providers with personalizing treatment for the patient. By providing novel sample preparation and delivery techniques, Mozaic Solutions will bring the specificity of mass spectrometry into the diagnostic setting.